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AVL Construction Group


Atlantic Canada’s roadways and bridges take a tremendous toll from the extreme four-season weather. AVL Construction Group can maximize your investments and budgets with expert services in:

  • Maintenance team & equipment
  • Crack Sealing
  • Sweeping
  • Traffic Control
  • Guard Rails

  • AVL Construction Group - General Labour


    Highly skilled teams of road and infrastructure professional to municipalities, government departments and private companies for a wide variety of contacts and projects:

  • Repairs
  • Grubbing
  • Asphalting
  • Line painting
  • Rail and bridge

  • AVL Construction Group - Concrete Work


    When it comes to concrete work, we engage in all project sizes from parking lots to complete municipal or commercial projects. We have expertise and equipment for concrete work such as:

  • Curbing
  • Sidewalks
  • Bridge repairs
  • Culverts
  • Specialty forms and entrances

  • AVL Construction Group - Winter Maintenance


    We thrive to keep roads clean and clear for safe winter driving. AVL Construction Group provides long term contracts for complete snow removal services for small and medium sized municipalities:

  • Snow plowing
  • Sidewalks clearing
  • Driveways clearing
  • Salting
  • Sanding

  • Railway Services

    AVL Construction Group - Rail and Infrastructure Maintenance

    Rail and Infrastructure Maintenance

    Our national rail system is vital to the Canadian economy. To keep things moving safely and on time AVL Construction Group experts have the right accreditations and equipment to make repairs and upgrade to the rails and bridge infrastructures.

    More about our core expertise

    AVL Construction Group - General Contracting

    General Contracting

    At AVL Construction Group, we have all the right ingredients to provide municipalities, government departments and private companies with Contracting & Maintenance services. These assets include access to a competent and reliable work force as well as the right tools and machinery to get the job done. The services can be provided through long-term contracts or specific projects and range from just about and type of road maintenance & repairs to clean up and grubbing as well as line painting and paving.

    Infrastructure repairs | Road clean up | Grubbing | Line painting | Paving | Shrub and tree management

    AVL Construction Group - Road Repairs

    Road Repairs

    The crack sealing of roadways help extend the life of pavement and substantially save on future road upgrade costs. The AVL Construction Group team can efficiently repair long stretches of roads with minimal impact on traffic circulation.

    Asphalt and crack sealing | Tar Kettle technology | Asphalt patch work | Curbing | Guard Rails | Bridge Concrete | Rail Crossings

    AVL Construction Group - Traffic Control

    Traffic Control

    AVL Construction Group owns and extensive fleet of specialized traffic control vehicles as well as all the necessary signage and electronic signalling equipment. As a stand along service or alongside other offerings – such as curbing, crack sealing, guard rail, or road maintenance – the traffic control team keeps the laborers safe while providing optimized traffic flow in the work zones.

    Flagman | Perimeter Set Up | Arrow board | Traffic Lights | Barricade | Temporary fencing | On-site security | Light towers | TMA truck

    AVL Construction Group - Snow Removal

    Snow Removal

    AVL Construction Group has a strong expertise in the complexities of municipal snow removal in our North American climate. Our snow removal fleet includes snowplows, snow blowers, salting and sanding capabilities.

    Truck with plows | Loaders with optional blower

    AVL Construction Group - Concrete Work

    Concrete Work

    This is the core work that has enabled the owner to establish a reliable reputation in Atlantic Canada. The Curbing & Concrete category consists of roadside curbing as well as sidewalks, stairs, small retaining walls and entrance. Along with a curbing machine, AVL possesses an extensive knowledge of concrete properties and forms and are often call upon to execute on intricate and innovative executions, which other often refuse to take on.

    Curb | Sidewalks | Bridge Structures | Culvert Structures | Sign Base | Concrete demolition and repair | Misc foundation work

    AVL Construction Group - Guard Rail

    Guard Rail

    AVL Construction Group has all the right equipment to install and repair highway and road guard rails. We also possess specialized machinery for industrial fencing installation.

    Fencing and guard rail | Installation and maintenance | Commercial and industrial | Rock drills

    AVL Construction Group - Tree Trimming

    Tree Services

    AVL Construction Group offers comprehensive tree services and have the skill and expertise to handle all of your commercial and residential tree care needs safely and efficiently.

    Aerial Tree Trimming | Utility Line Clearence | Road Side Mulching | Tree Felling | Disaster Relief | Chipping services

    AVL Construction Group - Hydrovac Truck

    Hydrovac Truck

    Hydrovacs trucks are highly versatile and can be utilized for a wide assortment of applications. Allows precision digging around underground utilities.

    Precise digging | Lift Station Cleaning | Sewer Line Flushing | Manhole Cleaning | Storm Sewer Ling Flushing | Sewer Tank Pumping | Sewer Line Thawing

    AVL Construction Group - Horizontal Auger Boring

    Horizontal Auger Boring

    The costs of this operation are orders of magnitude cheaper than microtunneling or directional drilling. No drilling fluids are used other than for lubricating the pipe casings and auger, therefore, reducing the potential impact on surrounding soil. As the casing is installed at the same time as the auger operation continues, the surrounding soil is held in place by the casing and there is limited opportunity for soil collapse or damage to roads, rail tracks on the surface. .

    Microtunneling | Directional Drilling | Pipe Casings | Auger Boring | Rail Tracks

    AVL Construction Group - Hydroseeding


    Hydroseeding can be used in commercial construction including highway slope protection and ditch erosion control, or even to replace an old expired lawn.

    Erosion Control | Hydraseeding | Planting Process | Sowing Dry Seed | Athletic Field |